Tools we used for this Project

Laura Natali Sotomayor

1.1 Project & File Management Tool

  • Trello: here we organised our project by: TO DO, DOING and DONE tasks. And we had other resources in order to learn, get inspired and let us building the VR project.
  • Google Drive: we worked with online documents that helped us to be collaborative and be faster.
  • Gitbook: this tool was used for writing a high-quality documentation, to keep the research in order and for sharing knowledge.
  • GoAbstract: we used this tool to manage version and collaborate our Sketch files.

1.2 Team Communication

  • we used this video conversation almost each week for distribute work, discuss online document, to ideate and keep progressing on the project.
  • Whatsapp: we used it at the end, for quick responses and to be closer.
  • Slack: we used it like, Google Drive and Trello. We had to communicate in a way because we could not be together in person (just once).
  • vTime: we wanted to experience a VR Social and feel closer than using We tried differents scenarios and it was awesome!

1.3 Brainstorming & Ideation Tools

  • Milanote: we used it for getting inspiration and building our assets for Unity.
  • Pinterest: it was created for a moodboarding and to get inspiration for our Unity project.

1.4 User Flow & Site Mapping Tools

  • Mindnode: we used it for Information Architecture (IA) of the Press VR App.
  • Whimsical: this was another tool for Information Architecture (IA) of the Press VR App.
  • Sketch cloud: we used it for building the storytelling, to establish interactions, to create onboarding and to present some ideations.

1.5 UI Design Tools

  • Sketch: we used it for designing the user interface of the app (2D panels).
  • Illustrator: we used it for our first storytelling of the project, Press VR Project, to build some escenarios, logo…
First Storytelling_Christian Cabrera

  • Photoshop: we used it for creating the concept art, storytelling and the context of the first scenario.

1.6 Prototyping Tools

  • CoSpaces Edu: this is an awesome tool to create prototypes before you go into Unity. It was good for feeling the VR and AR experience.
  • Unity: we prototyped different scenarios for Press VR Project: Press selection for Newspaper (Weather, favorites, last news…) , Press selection for Science, Leisure and Travel (National Geographic) and Press selection for Sport (
  • Vuforia: we used it for building AR prototypes.

1.7 Testing Tools

  • Google Form: we used it for user survey with 135 responses.

1.8 Video & Sound Tools

  • Quicktime: it was used for recording what we did in our desktop and to show our workflow.
  • Vimeo: it was used for showing ours prototypes.
  • Bendsound: we used this royalty free music for our videos.