Scripwriting & Storytelling

Laura Natali Sotomayor
Press VR is born from the evolution of the users behaviours that interact with news as well as from the needs of companies in the press industry to attract and retain users.

Therefore, our script, narrative and selection of scenarios is based on the formats of demand and the integration of experiences that involve our users making it a witness of the news.

How do we achieve this immersion?
The retro-futuristic environment helps us create an immersion, a new memory and a contribution to the application beyond a press reading application.

Context |Scenario
People live in buildings where the way of buying and consumption has been transformed into drones or mini-ships that fly through the streets.

In all the houses they have an assistant robot.

Therefore, in this context, our robot can change what we see through them as part of our settings.

Onboarding | Storyboard

Onboarding design and user experience (UX).

This onboarding explains: how our assistant shows us the room and tells us what we can do in each moment.

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