Information Architecture & Flowchart

Laura Natali Sotomayor
“Information Architecture is the creation of a structure for a website, app, or other products, that allows users to understand where they are — and where the information they want is — in relation to their current position.”
“Information Architecture uses some elements of cognitive psychology to define the way information should be structured.”-by Adobe Blog
Information Architecture_PressVR | Click here

Flowchart Navigation | Experiences through 3 different levels:

9.1 First level | Onboarding & Magazines/Newspapers Selection

We have Enriqueta, in the year 3029, in her house of the future, where her personal assistant helps her manage her home and to consume news.

Sitting in your chair you can ask your assistant to show you the available press, choose a publication and navigate within it.

9.2 Second level | Customized Magazine/Newspaper Environment

When Enriqueta go through a publication, she teleports to a personal environment, for example she will go to Machu Picchu when she enters to the National Geographic. Furthermore, if she will go to Marca Sport Magazine, she will be in a Stadium.

Enriqueta can also attend an interview that was created with a volumetric video and then the characters will materialize in front of her.

9.3 Third level | Immersive news

In addition, you can read 2D content or asking yours virtual assistant that read the news for you, you can see a 3D sculpture, holograms or a 3D representation of the next Olympic Games in 2020 (Tokyo) or even 360º videos.