My name is: Laura Natali Sotomayor, a Hustler Mindset. I am an Ex-Professional Athlete, a Freelance UX-UI Designer & I build VR/MR experiences. I was born in Mexico, I am Spanish and I have lived in America, Africa, Europe and Oceania.

I created and designed: an app called Diditask App and simulated a chatbot called DidiBot for the website redesign (final Master´s Project in User Experience, Kschool).

I started as an UX-UI Designer in Verti Seguros, improving services/products trough user-centered methodologies in order to accomplish business goals and technological barriers.
Furthermore, I did a Freelance project as UX-UI Consultant for a Petrol Education Project.

My passion for reading make me to be updated for the last trends. Besides, I have a good knowledge for facing the challenges of design and reaching effective solutions for users & business.

I have previously been working at Nfq-Consulting Firm as a Social Media for Adlaida-Digital Marketing Agency.

Furthermore, I have a background in Business and I worked for sport events like Spartan Race where I did: Sponsorhip and Marketing, Comercial Sales, Social Media and Customer Management. .



Project Management

Having the skill to create efficient timelines in order to excute task according to milestones and deadlines.

 UX Designer

Knowing how to enhance or overcome, individually and collaboratively,  challenges by using UX Design Methods & by Critical Thinking (conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information).

UI Designer

Adding value to the design and prototype with the capacity to build framework for different devices (desktop, tablet or mobile) based on user centered design and designing with developers in mind.

UX Strategy

Having the ability to conclude right solutions in order to design and prototype based on user experience research.

A Hustler & Sportive Woman

Goals are in my veins and `Nothing is Impossible´ is my philosophy. I was the leader in 400meters hurdles in Spain for many years and I will conquer the Design World.
"If you fight for and build it, you will have what you planned".